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UV Lamp for Nails How to remove gel nail polish

Gel nail polish has been a hit with the ladies for the past few years. However, unlike regular nail polish, it is something that is not just brushed onto your nails, and left to come off easily after few days. Now, if unfamiliar, you may be wondering, what are gel nails? Or to take the question even further, how can one get gel nails? It's a little time consuming, one can say! It takes time to apply the gel nail polish:

  1. You have to get the actual gel nail polish for your nails
  2. Apply the first coat on your nails and place your hands under a UV light for 30 seconds;
  3. Then a second coat is applied to the nails and the process is repeated by holding your hands under the UV light once again. Alternatively, you can use a simple UV Lamp, but make sure you pick the proper type of light bulbs. Fluorescent lights work best when dealing with a gel nail polish.

You can also do various nail designs on the gel nail, if creative, which is why applying gel nail polish is an exciting activity for a lot of women, who especially love putting together little "works of art” on top of their nails. Now at this point, it's very important to also learn, how to remove gel nail polish effectively, as it's quick drying time and longevity also requires a little removal procedure, when a change is desired and the nails grow out.

Gel nails  typically last for about two weeks as long as you learned the application process properly. This can be an awesome skill to have, as it will save you a lot of manicures and chipped nails, and numerous coats with a regular nail polish. You may as well learn how to apply it on others, as a little hobby!

The tehnique of removing gel nail polish

Now if you are thinking about removing gel nail polish, you will need a kit of a few items, as it won't be possible for you to remove them like regular nail polish. Unless you were given a gel nail removal kit, this can be quite daunting. However, here are the general instructions for gel nail polish removal:

  1. First you want to soak the nails that you applied gel nail polish on, in acetone, or just wrap acetone filled cotton pads on each nail. You might want to cover your fingers with a bit of aluminum foil so that the acetone does not evaporate into the atmosphere and lose its effects on your nails. Leave it on for around 15 to 20 mins. Take a small wooden stick to shave off the residual gel. If you have soaked your nails long enough, the gel nail polish should slowly start to come off. If you find that the gel nail polish is not coming off, you may want to soak your nails in acetone a little longer. Note, the main purpose of acetone, if not familiar, is to remove normal nail polish rather than gel nail polish. But this method tends to be a bit tedious and often leaves small chips of nails behind when it comes to dealing with gel nail polish.
  2. For the next step on gel nail removal, you still have to soak the fingers in acetone once again. You will still need the wooden stick to remove the gel but if you find there are chips on your nails, use a nail file to remove the chips, this takes patience and time. If you have a nail buffer you may also want to give your nails a bit of a buff due to the acetone drying out your nails after and during this procedure.

If all fails, you can go to your local manicurist who should be able to remove the gel nail polish without any problems. Note, that after removing the gel polish from your nails, you might want to moisturize your nails and fingers because the acid of acetone tends to denature your nails and skin, leaving it looking dry and dead. It is advisable to have professionals attach and remove a gel nails, because improper attachment and removal, could mean potential damage to your own nail itself, which can be very painful or lead to a cosmetic fail.

Alternatively you could just consider using acrylic nails and applying the gel nail polish on to them. Then when you're ready, take the acrylic nails off with ease rather than using other more complicated methods. There are plenty of places in which you can learn how to get nails, particularly acrylic nails, to save you time when you want to get a gel nails.

Learning how to gel nails can be fun, but it can also be risky to one's own nails. Be careful when applying gel nail polish to nails, whether they are acrylic nails or others. Nonetheless, women love it as it's a very fun activity, that allows you personalization and custom nail designs of a million ways. Gel Nail Buffer

Battery Nail Buffer

The nail buffer is designed to pamper the tastes of people who wants to adorn the best look for their nails. This nail filler is ideal for removing gel nail polish and for that neat – manicured look. It features 5 pro shaping manicure tools:

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